Asil Bebe was founded by Bahattin Balkaya, Selahattin Balkaya and Nabi Balkaya in 1965. At the beginning the companyís production concentrated in the domestic market only . In 1980s Selahattin Balkaya formed the company under the name of Asil Bebe Giyim Sanayi ve Ticaret A.ř. Asil Bebe exported textile products to Russia and countries in Europe and Middle East. Some of the countries that Asil Bebe exported products were England, Germany, Holland, France, Iraq, Libya, Kuwait and Russia. At the same time Asil Bebe Store was one of the first department stores in Turkey. In the following years Asil Bebe quit its bussiness in the retail market and continued with its textile export business. During the late 90s and onwards , Asil Bebe operated with a partner company under the name of Vesa Textile. With its 150.000 piece per month production capacity Vesa Textile started exporting menís, womenís and childrenís outer wear products to European countries like England, France, Italy, Germany,Holland. Some of the brands Vesa Textile produced for were George, Woolworths, Tom Tailor, Walt Disney,Adams which are some of the leading textile brands in the world. At first sight Asil Bebe seems to be focused on only childrenís products but in reality Asil Bebe is specialized in women, men and childrenís outerwear products. For the time being Asil Bebe decided to invest at other new sectors and is active in the construction industry as well as other projects.

Selahattin Balkaya graduated from construction engineer deparment of I.T.U one of the most reputable universities in Turkey, and gained experience by working for projects of big construction companies in Turkey and abroad. In 1980s when he founded his own company Asil Bebe which was active in textile business, the company started to develop construction projects. In the following years next to the textile business, the company developed factory and residence projects and proved its trustworthiness in the sector. Nowadays with its 30 years experience ,specialisation , quality and knowledge focused approach, the company goes on to develop new construction projects.
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